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The heart of our program is our process control plan which maps out our processes and quality keys throughout production.  


To track our success we employ statistical process controls collecting more than 56 data points for each production cycle. (Swipe to Control Plan).


We employ digital and programmable logic controls (PLCs) throughout our operation.  We have two state of the art Baule polyurethane mixing and metering machines, which have fail-safe stops to prevent polyurethane from being poured without the correct stoichiometry (ratio of pre-polymer to chain extender).  


We have Honeywell digital controls monitoring multiple zones within our preheat/post-cure ovens, and in our automated conveyor oven, with full visibility of those temperatures in our control room.  


We have wi-fi enabled smart gauges which automaticall collect data and upload it to our Quality Management System. 


And we turn all of this data into actionable INTELLIGENCE through management’s analysis of Pareto charts and histograms to identify trends, and opportunities for high-value improvement.  


Altogether, we’re achieving great results – PPM of 300 vs benchmarks of 1500 on almost 500,000 parts produced last year.  


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